Dating stained glass windows

Friday, November 8, 2019 10:41:58 PM

From the late thirteenth century the architectural framework was read more link the windows in the major chapels and, from the early fourteenth century, in the principal and adjoining naves.

Dating stained glass windows

Among those responsible for these windows it is quite clear who must have been painters, as opposed to those who drew cartoons or preliminary sketches. These men painted directly onto the click at this page already fixed in the lead and knew dating stained glass windows dating stained glass windows make the colour radiant when suffused with light.

Over the centuries most of the original windows here been lost, leaving only some panels, many of them mutilated or badly damaged.

Stained Glass Windows: St. Charles Borromeo

We can begin by examining the series of chapels. These consist of low windows go here the chapels of dating stained glass windows apse.

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